‘BACK CARE’ – The vital topic for everyone nowadays. Teenager, adults and older people every age group faces this issue.8 out of 10 ten people suffer with back pain. We all need some tips to keep our back safe and to relieve pain. Therefore, Let’s start with causes of back pain and many more details.

Causes of back pain:-

– Pregnancy and emotional tension are common natural occurrences.
– Other factors like physical trauma, Athletic injuries, poor physical fitness or overweight are the causes of back pain.
– Additional examples are like : Overuse or improper use of back, Weak abdominal muscles, Slipped or ruptured disc, Soft tissue damage or injury, Improper posture.


• Many people get confused when to apply heat and when to apply cold.
• Ice may be applied at any time. Use ice for 10-20 minutes, Placing a wet towel between the ice bag and body part. Never place ice directly.
• Heat is not recommended for first 2 days after the back pain starts. After 2 days, Use of heat or cold depends on what feels best to the person. Use heat for maximum 20 minutes at a time.

Free movements:- Do some free movements of back in forward and backward motion. Repeat it throughout the day if it feels good.


– Practice good posture.
– Maintain healthy weight
– Do some exercises
– Engage in relaxation exercises.


– Avoid wearing shoes with high heels or are worn out.
– keep your back straight while sitting.
– Avoid sitting for long periods, rather take breaks in between.
– When bending forward, always bend your knees keeping your back straight.
– While lifting heavy weight objects, Hold the object close to your body, bend your knees keeping your back straight and lift the object.
– It is always best to sleep on firm mattress with a soft top layer.
– Always stretch your legs and back before and after any form of exercises.

If you do not know the reason of back pain. Never do anything on your own. It is always advised to consult your doctor first.

Here, That is all about we need to keep in our mind to stay away from back pain. I hope it helps.

“Stay fit stay healthy”

– Dr. Pooja Patel

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