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Mucormycosis – A rare Fungal Disease.

Mucormycosis – A rare Fungal Disease.

• We have been hearing this word from quite a few days and a lot of us has fear about this disease. Therefore, I will be sharing a very brief details about it so we can take precautions wisely.

Mucormycosis is the general term which indicates the fungal infection. It was previously called Zygomycosis.

• Most Mucormycosis infections are life-threatening and risk factors such as diabetic ketoacidosis and Nutropenia are present in most cases.

• Severe infection of the facial sinuses which may extend into the brain,is the most common presentation.

• Pulmonary, Cutaeous and gastrointestinal infections are also recognized.

Risk Factors:-

• Patients with uncontrolled diabetes,Patients woth foot ulcers,Patients with Burns,malignancies,Immunocompromised patients,patients with splenectomy, patients with severe wound contaminated with soil or water are more porone to infections.

Signs & Symptoms:-
– fever
– Headache
– Reddish and swollen skin over nose and sinuses
– Visual problems
– Facial pain
– Coughing
– Shortness of breath
– Abdominal Pain

– Treatment need to be fast and aggressive because by the time even the presumptive diagnosis is made.
– There are two type of treatment which needs to be done:

• Surgical Treatment
• Medical Treatment

Surgical Treatment:-
– Most infectious disease experts say that without aggressive debridement(cleaning) of the infected area, the patient is likely to die.

Medical Treatment:- Several drugs are given to patients to treat the fungal infection and to control the diabetes as well.

– Blindness
– Meningitis
– Brain abscesses
– Osteomyelitis
– Pulmonary hemorrhage
– Sepsis
– Bacterial infection
– death may occur

Prevention:- It can be prevented by controlling diabetes and avoiding direct contact with water or soil environment.

– There is no vaccination to prevent Mycormycosis.

So, These were a few details about mucormycosis. I hope it helps..
Stay Fit Stay Healthy..!!

– Dr. Pooja Patel

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