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My Son Terran – Chapter 2

My Son Terran

Chapter 2

Once in a blue moon, I allowed myself the luxury of half a Sunday, to a game of squash with Justin at the club house. It only happened once in a fortnight when mom was able to babysit Terran for a couple of hours. Today was one of those sumptuous Sundays and I was chillaxed.

After sweating ourselves to a good satisfactory match, we headed for some drinks. Justin got a beer, while I stuck to my mocktail. For the sake of Terran, I never indulged in alcohol. I always preferred to remain straight.

“So, how’s Terran’s OT sessions going on?” Justin inquired.
“He hasn’t had them for the last two times.”
“How come? Is everything alright?” He showed concern.
“For one he was sick, so we couldn’t make it. Next time, we were told the therapist has resigned. Wait till the new one appears.” My eyes roamed around at other members of the club, they were all enjoying a lazy Sunday.

I shook my head and affixed,
“Terran doesn’t miss them a bit. Though I’m a little worried.”
“Is he developing any fresh symptoms?”
“No, but I don’t know how the coming therapist will be. You know he takes a lot of time to adjust to new people. I’m afraid it will hamper his progress.”
“Hmm. We’ll only have to wait and watch. You can always take him elsewhere.”
He suggested.
I shook my head in disagreement.
“Bad idea. I’d rather wait for the new therapist. At least he’s familiar with the place.”
“Yeah. Makes sense.”

I was quiet for a while and may be a grimace on my face brought the next question from Justin.
“Grayson, is something worrying you?”
“Huh…… mom’s behind my back.”
“She only wishes well for you. Don’t you think it’s high time?”
“Dare you start now!” I scowled.
“Your life is incomplete Grayson. Look at you. Your world has become a nutshell of bank and Terran.”
“I like it that way. I don’t want any intruder.”
“It could be a pleasant intruder. Both good for you and Terran.”
“Being a single father is big enough a reason to put me out of the league. And with Terran’s condition, it’s totally ruled out.”

“Maybe you’re right, but you never know. You might just get lucky and find an angel.”
I threw my head back and laughed,
“An angel! As in with wings and a heart of gold? Give me a break Justin. We are living in a real world, okay.”
“Aren’t you missing something, don’t you feel a vacuum?” He pestered.
“Maybe sometimes.” I confessed.
“But then I look at Terran and my purpose in life is all focused again.”

“You won’t lose your focus by having someone in your life. She’ll be there to share your burden.”
I gave him a stern look.
“For one, Terran is not a burden. And two, I don’t need anyone. Terran and I are enough for each other.”
He slapped my arm lightly,
“By burden, I didn’t mean Terran, I meant your workload and all the chores you have to do. But anyway, suit yourself.”
I grinned and shrugged my shoulders.

“Come home for dinner tonight. Meera will be happy to play with Terran. What say?”
I looked at him,
“Yeah. It’s been a while. Terran will be thrilled.”
Meera was Justin’s eight years old daughter. Terran and she were good friends, just like their fathers.
“Okay, after our swimming session in the evening, we’ll hop in to your place to grab a bite.”
“Great! Then I’ll let my dear wife Saniya know that you’ll are coming.”

We  went and changed and bid our goodbyes. I headed to mom’s place for lunch and to pick up Terran for his swimming classes.

After eight sessions of swimming with a float, Terran was still scared to go in the water. He loved the water. What he was scared of, was the depth and he well knew that his legs were not strong enough to support him. I never left him with the trainer alone. I was always there in the pool with him. Not because I didn’t trust the trainer, but simply because Terran refused to enter the pool without me.

His trainer, Mathew was very understanding. He showed us what to do and then let us father and son to practice on our own. After some serious water exercises, I allowed Terran some fun play time in the baby pool to splash and fool around. That was his reward for being cooperative in the main pool.

While he was enjoying his time in the baby pool, I asked him.
“Champ, what do you want to do this evening?”
“Park and play. Play and park.”
He rocked his head from left to right.
I grinned.
“How about Meera and play. Play and Meera?”
He was as happy as a dog with two tails and gave me his wide goofy grin,
“Better than park and play.”

We arrived at Justin’s house at 7.00 in the evening, with a family pack of the kid’s favourite chocolate ice cream. The rest of the sundown just flowed with a delicious dinner, play and laughter.

By the time we came back home and I tucked Terran in bed, it was past his usual sleep time. It was just fine. I smiled and thought,

Sometimes cheat days were allowed.

When I looked down at my son, sleeping soundly, contented, I knew my life was complete. He made me complete and he was the sole purpose who kept me driven and on my toes. We didn’t need anybody else.

I kissed him on the forehead and walked out, quietly closing the door behind me.

Shamim Merchant

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