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My Son Terran – Chapter 3

My Son Terran

Chapter 3


We were back to square one at the breakfast table. Terran was grumbling about not wanting to go for his OT session.

“Dad please! I don’t like them.”
“They are important for you Champ.”
“They are no fun at all.” He wriggled his nose.
“Come on, don’t you want to be a strong big boy, like Spiderman?” I coaxed him.
“I do. But I don’t like the leg ex…exer….”
“Exercises.” I filled in.
“Yeah that. It hurts.”
“Okay tell me. What are the things you like about the OT?”
I encouraged him. “The blocks, colouring, story and………” he was thinking.
“I don’t like puzzles.”
“They……mm…..upset me.”
“You mean they confuse you.”

I made a mental note of buying some simple puzzles and start doing them with him at home.


“Wait son. First I need to find out if the new therapist has arrived or not. We don’t know for sure if you will have your OT session today.”
Terran quickly closed his eyes tight and joined his hands in prayer.
“Please God, no OT, no OT.”
I laughed and gently poked him in the ribs, “God only listens to good prayers.”

He made a puppy face and finished his breakfast quietly.

After dropping him to school, I called up mom and asked her to confirm the OT session before taking Terran to the institute. I told her to message and update me with the status.

Workload at the bank was heavy and before I realised it was time to go.

“Are you planning to do a night shift today?” Justin poked his face around my cabin.

I looked up at the digital clock on my desk and was appalled to see, so soon the day had come to an end.

“I didn’t realise.”
“Grayson, did you at least eat something?”
“Yes…no… sort of.”
I started winding up, locked everything and headed out with Justin at my heels.
“Let’s go grab a burger. You need it.”
I was checking my phone while Justin did the talking. Mom had messaged me that the OT session was on.
“Ah… what did you say?”
I wasn’t listening.
“No thanks. Terran is in the OT session with the new therapist and I have to be there. See you tomorrow.”

Without waiting for his response, I rushed to my car.

Before heading to the institute, I picked up some groceries for mom. Though she kept telling me not to do it, I knew how much she appreciated it. I always believed that little gestures of kindness count a lot.

When I entered the institute, mom was sitting in her usual place with her book. She was an avid reader. That was something I wanted to see in Terran one day. I approached her, gave her a one arm hug and handed over the bag of groceries. She gave me a big smile and shook her head, as if saying,

“What do I do of you?”
“Pray for us.”
I answered her not voiced out question.
“So? How’s the new therapist? Did he fuss before going inside?”
I was genuinely concerned.
Mom’s expressions gave me cold feet.
“I hope she knows what she’s doing. She seems like a college student to me.”
“How was Terran?”
I was more worried about that.
“He went with her alright. Important is how he is when he comes out.”
Her comment outrightly disturbed me even further.
Mom left me with my concerns and I took the seat which she had occupied a few minutes ago.

No point in stressing myself, I pulled out my laptop and tried to accomplish some work. It was a protracted wait before he came out. Like a set alarm, exactly after forty minutes, the door opened and Terran walked out holding her hand.

I stood up, he came running and hugged my legs. I wrapped my arms around him while checking out the new therapist. Mom was right. She was too young to be called a therapist. She was tall and fair with long shiny raven-black hair. Her honey brown eyes were adoring Terran as he shyly stood, trying to hide behind me.

“Good evening Mr. Martin, I am Terran’s new therapist, Hannah Edward.”

She extended her hand towards me. I shook it briefly and nodded a smile. She was beautiful. Her tone was extremely soft and gentle. I wondered if it was for Terran’s benefit or she was naturally subtle.

“Hello, nice meeting you.”
An inner voice told me she was going to be good for Terran.
“I tried to keep it light today, as it was our first session together.” From me, she peered at Terran,
“I hope you enjoyed it Terran?”
I looked down at Terran to track his reaction. He nodded his head while tugging at my trousers. I was definitely pleased. It was a good sign.
I looked back at Hannah,
“Thank you so much.”
“Not at all. Can you please do me a favour?”
“I have gone through his file, but I need a little more information about Terran. If you could please fill this form and bring it with you when you come next time. It will help me to help him better.”
I glanced at the form.
“I’ll be happy to do it.”
“Ok Terran, I’ll see you again soon.”
She bent a little to look directly at him.

“Actually he’s always a little apprehensive about coming for these sessions.”

I informed her.

“That I understood from today. Which is exactly why I want you to fill that form, it will help me keep in mind his likes and dislikes, and I will be able to plan his sessions accordingly. His progress will be faster if his willingness to do things increases.”

I was thoroughly impressed.

“That is very considerate of you.”

“I’m only doing my job. Have a nice day.”

She waved at Terran and went into her next student while we headed back to our car. I could feel a bump in Terran’s walk when we moved out. My fears ebbed away and I was only glad to see his reaction.

Shamim Merchant

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