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Fix you

Song:- Fix you
Singer:- Cold play.
Album:- X&Y.
Year:- 2005
Fix you is a song of British band which is written by all four members. The album was released on 5th September 2005. This is one of the songs from the album.
The song has motivational and healing lyrics. The lyrics of the song are really good. The song was written by Chris Martin because his girlfriend Gwyneth lost her father in 2002. She was broken so in order to comfort her this song was written. Starting lyrics of the song were, “When you try your best, but you don’t succeed…. I’ll try to fix you.” The MV shows concert videos and he is walking through the road.


The MV is also as good as the song.
It’s a 9 years old song and people still hear it because it has good lyrics which can heal any broken soul. Especially in this time of pandemic, people are listening to this song more.


Chris Martin
Jonny Buckland.
Will Champion.
Guy Berryman.


Niti Sejpal “Titli”

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