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Oh ho… Watchman…! What’s this drama going on at twelve o’clock in the night?” Asked the famous model Devika from her balcony as she peered down at the gate.

The watchman scowled at Veer, as he looked up to reply to Devika.

“Ma’am, this stranger wants to meet you, says he is your fast friend and desires to come up to give you his birthday wishes.”

Devika froze for a minute, then yelled from above,

“Tell him to go away from here. I don’t know any Veer- Dhir. God knows from where these people come, claiming to be my friends!”

Insulting Veer and taunting cadence the watchman rebuked,

“Get out of here! Go check yourself in the mirror. How can you call yourself a friend of this beautiful and famous model?!?”

So saying the watchman laughed sarcastically.

Disheartened, Veer thought inwardly,

“I was just a ladder for her, which Devika used to reach the top.”

Seeing his reflection in the rearview mirror of his car, Veer said to himself, “Get out of here!”

He took a large swig of the drink from the bottle as tears streamed down his face.


Written by: Jagruti Kaila, Morbi.

Translated by: Shamim Merchant, Mumbai.

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