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MY SON TERRAN – Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I always kept a Rubik’s cube in the dashboard for Terran to play with. Not that he could solve it, nonetheless he liked the colours and it was good for his fine motor development. I was inquisitive about his today’s OT session. Gently and deliberately, I probed a few questions whilst he twisted and turned the Rubik’s cube.


“So Champ, how was it?”
“What?” He was talking without looking up. It was fine by me as long as he answered my questions.
“Your session with Ms. Hannah.”
“It was good.”
“What did you do?”
“A lot of things.”
He looked at me, thought for a while and became busy again.
“She told me two new sto’ies.”
“And…?” I had to be patient.
“She asked me to d’aw something from the story.”
This was something new. I was intrigued.
“Ahuh! What did you draw?”
“A man, a dog, some water……..”
He trailed off.
“Did you play any games?”
“Yes! Snakes and Ladders. I won!”
He squealed with a big smile.
No wonder he was so happy. I ruffled his hair and grinned.
“Great! Let’s celebrate. Ice-cream or chocolate brownie?”
He closed his eyes and licked his lips already tasting it.
I guffawed,
“Okay. Let’s go get it.”


When I hit the pillow at night, my thoughts went to Hannah. She was beautiful yes, but I was happy with the way she was handling Terran. Hannah certainly knew what she was doing. I liked the idea of filling out that form. I would do it at my earliest. For sure, along with me, even Terran would be looking forward to the OT sessions from now on. I reminded myself to call up mom in the morning and give her the good news. I wished Hailey good night and went to sleep contented.


* * * * *

Work was crazy at the bank. To avoid wasting time, I brought a sandwich and sat back at my desk to continue with the data entry.

Justin ambled over and propped himself in a chair in front of me. He took a bite from his burger and inquired,

“So, how was the new therapist?”
“She’s good and Terran seems to be happy. She’s asked me to fill out a form to understand him better.”
“Wow.” He said between bites.
“I liked the idea. She said Terran will show progress if his willingness to do things increases. That intrigued me.”

“Is she worthy of your attention?”
He smirked while checking out my expressions.
“For Terran’s benefit…yes.”
I answered carefully.
He caught a faint smile on my face and raised an eyebrow.
“Is she worthy of YOUR attention Grayson?”
I looked at him, took a pause, gave him a wicked grin and winked before getting back to work.
He leaned forward with wide eyes.
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“She’s beautiful.” I said casually.
“Justin, I want to finish this before the day ends.”
I wasn’t going to give out anything.
There was nothing to give out.

Shamim Merchant 

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