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MY Son Terran – Chapter 7

MY Son Terran
Chapter 7

Mom/dad and Justin’s family were coming over for dinner. I didn’t do this very often, for reasons of my own. One, the dishwasher would be full and two, I’m a cleanliness freak. I dreaded the aftermath. But I did this for Terran. Most of the time it was just the two of us. I wanted him to know what it felt like to have a house full of people. What it was like to have a family.

Of course cooking for so many was not my cup of tea. We had ordered from one of our favourite restaurants. But Terran liked my pasta and caramel custard, so that I was making at home.

While I did the cooking, Terran dressed for the evening and helped set the table. He also kept all the toys ready, which he was going to play with Meera. Justin’s family was the first to arrive. As soon as we welcomed them, the kids disappeared inside.

“So chef, what’s cooking?”
Justin wiggled his brows and asked playfully.
“Nothing much, just pasta for the kids.”
“Don’t tell me, you call us almost Christmas to Christmas, and feed us nothing.”
He bantered, only to get Saniya’s elbow in his ribs. My house was alcohol free, so I served orange juice to everyone.

Twenty minutes later, the food and mom/dad arrived together. I hugged my parents and called for Terran to come out. He ran to his mama and paa.

Mom and Saniya took over the kitchen to set the table, while I sat and had small talks with dad and Justin. My dad, George Martin is a retired general and a very dignified man. He is extremely health conscious and looks much younger than his early sixties. He never sits idle and is now doing small scale vegetable farming in his backyard.

In the next ten minutes, we all sat down for dinner. I made sure Terran sat next to me with his bib around. Meera knew about Terran and never made fun of him. That’s exactly why they were such good friends. Dinner went smooth, with the kids bubbling with laughter and adults sharing gossip.

After dinner, when I was about to start cleaning up, Saniya took the plates from my hand.

“You call us for dinner, that’s more than enough. Don’t worry about the kitchen. I’ll take care of it. Go relax.”
“Thanks Saniya. You’re a sweetheart.”
“My sweetheart.”
Justin commented from behind me. I punched him, gave him a lopsided grin and we strolled out on the patio.

With a furrowed look and biting my lips, I was debating whether to tell Justin about Hannah or let it pass. But the vulture that he is, he caught the undertone and raised an eyebrow.

“You didn’t cook for us, but what’s cooking up there in that genius brain of yours?”
He was transparently inquisitive and it was fruitless hiding anything from him. I briefly filled him on what had transpired at the park.
He stayed tight-lipped for a while and then a wide grin spread out on his face.
“What?” I was bewildered.
“Now I’m not worried about you.”
“What do you mean?”
I just couldn’t join the dots of what he was saying.
“Your son is going to be your matchmaker.” He said cheerily, rocking his head from side to side.
“Justin, that was gross!” I growled at him.
“Justin is right. I’m so proud of my grandson.”
Mom lifted her shoulders and said with a big, satisfied smile. She had overheard everything.
“Mom please. Don’t you say anything to Terran.”
“I don’t need to. You don’t know how to find your way, but Terran does.”
Without giving me room for any further discussion, she marched back inside without a backward glance.
Infuriated, I shook my head, puffed an exasperated sigh and went in to serve desserts to everyone.

Shamim Merchant

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