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The valid reason

“Mom, you can’t tell lie to us, I know you are lying.” Divyang said to his mother Sarla.

“My son, you won’t understand even if I tell you.”  Sarla told.

“I am a mature person, and you know that.” Divyang argued.

“Give me one reason on what basis I should tell you the truth?” Sarla behaved angrily.

“I am your son and that’s the biggest reason, I have all the rights to know the truth.” Divyang gave valid reason.

“No my dear son, that’s your emotional blackmailing.”

“Why would I do that?”

“Because you want to know the truth.”

“Mom, I am bagging you now.”

“No, I won’t tell.”

“Fine, give me one reason why should I not know the truth?”

“It will break your heart and our relationship.”

“What! The reason is that much dangerous. Whatever, I swear to God that our relationship won’t be affected by it.”

“Are you serious dear?”

“Yes mom.”

“Fine, the letter that you have received from Mr. Kureshi and whatever you are asking about is totally true. Mr. Kureshi is your real father not Jaydev. I was 21 and fell in love with him; he doesn’t want to settle down so he abandoned me. After 6 months I was pregnant and you came in my life. You were 6 months old when I met Jaydev, he loved me the way I was and accepted both of us. I just don’t want to hurt you that are the reason why I was not telling you the truth but today you got these letters.”

“Can I tell you one valid reason?”

“Yes about what?”

“I don’t know who Mr. Kureshi was? I know you and my hero my father Mr. Jaydev.  You both are the valid reason of my life. These letters can’t change that.

Sarla wiped her tears and just hugged her matured son.

Sunil Gohil

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