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You have to..

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You have to search for the thing you want,
You have to grab the opportunity whenever you get,
You have to work hard for your dreams,
You have to prove everyone that you can also do everything,
You have to do good things to have something good,
You have to cross your limits for your achievement,
You have to wait for your fruit after doing hard work
You have to give yourself a chance even after you have lose everything,
You have to make your day bright also in the dark clouds of sky,
You have to stop dreaming and start thinking to make your dreams real,
You have to beware of 2 face people,
You have to reach your destination through the road full of stones,
You have to be a good student in front of every exams that come in your life,
You have to be a good person in the world of bad people,
You have to forget your bearings to fulfill your dreams,
You have to find the road of success through the dark light
Niti Sejpal “Titli”

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