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Your sweetest presence

Is it really easy for you to leave? Can you tell me when you will come back to me?
I always wait for you when I am drenched in heavy rain and longing for you to come and give me resured smile.
I always wanted you to be with me on a chilly winter night and desired for you to give me a warm hug.
I always need you there with me to comfort me when I feel drained and don’t have enough strength to fight back.
It feels like you were always there for me all the time, I can feel your sweet presence when you left.
I know that it is not like you are not coming back to me but still I miss you already.
Promise me that you will come back. Let me take you to the end of this world.
Let me accompany you for stargazing and also Cherish flowers with me.
Just never leave for too long as you know I can’t live without you. It will be lonely without you.
There is food in the freezer but you are not there to eat with me.
There are lots of movies but you are not there to watch them with me.
There are a lot of your favorite things but you are not here to fight with me.
I again forgot to hang my towel but you are not here to scold me.
Today again I won the game but you are not here to appreciate me.
Now I understand that there is nothing that I can do without you. Please come back soon.
I really miss your sweetest presence in my life.
– Kinjal Patel (Kiraa)

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