“C’mon man! It’s just a few numbers. What’s the big deal?”
Arjun peered at his friend unbelievably. Paresh was asking him to leak out the tender secrets and was so casual about it, as if he did something like this everyday.
“Paresh, you can’t be serious! How can you even expect I’d agree to do such an unfaithful act?”
Paresh smirked and slapped Arjun’s back,
“Now don’t be a drama queen as if you are very loyal to your company. I know they pay you peanuts and this is a shortcut to earn thousands. So, I don’t think it should be a problem.”
Arjun wordlessly kept looking at Paresh for the longest time and said only one sentence before walking away,
“I’ll have to think hard, if I really want to be friends with you anymore.”

* * * * *

Urvashi stood up and harshly jerked kirit’s hands from her shoulders.
“How dare you? Just because we work together, doesn’t give you the liberty to cross your boundaries.”
Kirit snickered and tried to come closer,
“Hey!!! Relax. You’re a beautiful colleague and I’m only trying to be friendly.”
Urvashi cut him off and shot back,
“No! You are trying to flirt with me, but I’m not interested.”
Kirit shook his head and commented,
“What is that husband of yours giving you? Everything about him is average. And a girl like you deserves much more. A fling with me will prove very fruitful to you.”
Urvashi slapped him hard across the face and stated,
“I suppose you’ve never heard of something called loyalty. And by the way, I love my husband and respect my marriage. Is that clear?”

* * * * *

LOYALTY: it’s a virtue and a challenging one at that. Hard to keep and even more difficult to receive. It’s an ability to think of others and stick to them in troublesome times of life. Loyalty demands generosity. Overlooking their shortcomings and being faithful to them in spite of their flaws, you need to be a big hearted person if you have to be loyal to someone.

Loyalty by itself cannot stand alone. It  nudges a lot of other qualities in you, if you have to be faithful with your friends and family. The first and foremost being honesty. As far as possible be frank and straightforward. If you don’t like something about a person, tell him upfront on his face. Do it nicely and it is most likely that he will try to change. Gossiping about it with someone else will only damage your relationship.

I think honesty and truth go hand in glove. Hiding something from our loved ones or lying to them only leads to distrust and increases communication gap. It may give you temporary relief but in the long run it leaves behind scars of broken relationships.

Proving your loyalty needs patience and only your actions will testify your faithfulness. No amount of words will ever help you. On the contrary it will be deemed as bragging. Every big and small, day to day activities will collectively speak volumes of your allegiance.

Commitment: another form of devotion. If you have made a promise, try your best to fulfill it on time. Even if it is to a small child or someone weaker or lower than you in designation. Remember it talks about your character and not about the other person. It truly shows how much they matter to you.

True test of faithfulness is in times of difficulty. Stand-by your near and dear ones in their hour of need. It’s not always financially, even moral support is important and can pull out a person from grave situations. Be the cheerleader who can lift up and brighten someone’s dreary days.

Try not to be judgmental about anybody. Only they know the real reason behind their choice of actions. If you don’t have the complete information, it’s always better to ask than to assume. Preconceived ideas can be dangerous and judging the other will not allow you to be loyal.

Let’s end with a relative quote.

“Loyalty isn’t grey. It’s black and white. You’re either loyal completely, or not loyal at all.”


Shamim Merchant


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