We are experiencing a second wave of Covid-19 cases in India . There is panic and anxiety taking over . Everyone is feeling scared in one way or the other .
In such times , everyone around is trying to find a cure and treatment for the disease . Some by conventional methods and some by traditional methods , trying to find something that could help relieve symptoms and increase immunity .
One such advice or information spreading like flames in the forest is – using CAMPHOR to increase oxygen levels .
So what is camphor ?
Camphor , commonly called “कपूर” in hindi is known to be used in various poojas and prayers .
Talking about medicine , it helps in relieving congestion and inflammation / swelling . It can be used in relieving pain and itching .
It is used in medical products such as VICKS VAPORUB .
Talking about Covid-19 , there is a lot of misinformation about camphor about its ability to increase oxygen levels in patients and help recover faster . But the reality is quite different and it says a whole new story .
As said before , camphor can help relieve some symptoms like nasal congestion and nasal obstruction in cases of most nasal infections (including Covid-19 if the patient has such nasal symptoms) . But , there is no scientific proof from any research that camphor can increase oxygen levels .
It can help in decreasing nasal obstruction after which the patient might be able to breathe better than before due to relief in symptom in some cases .
So let’s verify information , before we forward it to someone and be responsible of our acts . Let’s help others in tough times but with proven facts and information.
-Chanchal Kriplani

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