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Parent: a child’s role model

“Dad, one day I wish to be a successful businessman like you.”

Samir told his father while he was still in sixth standard. His father was a very hardworking, family man. All his life, his father’s only goal was to be able to provide all the facilities to his loved ones and Samir was totally inspired by him. Falling into his father’s footsteps, he became just that. He had been closely observing his dad in his growing up years and his own personality molded into quite a similar one. Not only was Samir zealous in his work, but even as a human being, he was very loving and caring, just like his father.

Mr. and Mrs. Masani were from a lower middle class family, both husband and wife struggled to make both ends meet. Nothing was served to them on a platter and they had to slog a lot for every pleasure in life. Nevertheless, the values that they inculcated in their boys was commendable. They believed in honesty and helping others. Their boys grew up to be wonderful citizens of the society.

PARENTS: after birth, the first of everything in a child’s life; teacher, guide, with whom they communicate, whom they observe and imitate and where they go for love, warmth and comfort. So basically, parents are the very first role models in a child’s life. Therefore, as parents, we need to take our part seriously and understand how it’s going to shape our child’s personality in future.

You must have seen boys applying shaving cream on their faces to imitate their fathers. Or try wearing a tie. Girls would want to wear a saree or make-up like their moms. These are examples which are quite obvious and we have all witnessed them. So you can imagine how much children try to copy their parents.

Who is a role model? Someone whom you look up to and are inspired by. Someone whom we would like to follow and strive to become like them. Children spend maximum time with their parents. And while parents are living their own life, they usually don’t realise that young eyes and minds are scrutinizing them all the time. All actions and words of parents are being judged and measured.

As a parent, if you think that just by providing food, clothing, shelter and education, your responsibility is over, then you require to ponder on the matter once again. Your child is learning a lot from you, all the time. Moreover, you’ll be surprised to know how much they learn by observing and not so much by telling. So let’s peep into a few aspects and see how as parents you can better your life. So as to become that ideal role model for your child, which will help mold him in a positive way.

I think the first thing that would be of prime importance is your attitude towards different subjects. Like education, sports, manners, relatives. What you think, how you handle these topics, how much meaning they hold for you, etc. This will help determine your child’s choices as well. He is most likely to value those things which are vital to you.

Have healthy lifestyle habits. Be it food, exercise or sleeping. Remember you are not only living a healthy life for yourself, but setting a good example for your child as well. It is most likely that a smoker’s son will get that bad habit one day. Why not? All his life he has seen his father blow hard earned money in puffing.

Consider family to be essential, especially your extended family. Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins. It’s important. Now in today’s attractive social media world, family time is slowly taking a back seat. Arrange family gatherings on festivals and other occasions, for kids to understand their value. It brings in a deep sense of satisfaction.

Be as frank and straightforward as possible. Don’t play games and schemes with your near and dear ones. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t forget your child is observing you. At his age, he is not as manipulative as you are. But for sure he picks up what he sees you doing. For him, even your wrong is right.

Volunteer and do a good turn from time to time. You are subtly teaching your child the joy of giving.

Upgrade yourself and learn a new skill. This will give your child the confidence of taking risks in life. He also won’t be afraid to try something new and different.

Set goals in life. Have an ambition to follow. Believe me, your child will also dream and work for his own.

Let go. It’s a great virtue. The art of forgive and forget. If you have it in you, it shall certainly pass on to your children as well.

What more can I say? Being parents is a huge responsibility, the reflection of your nurturing, will be visible only in his personality, when he grows up.

Happy parenting 🙂


Shamim Merchant

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