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Treat you better

Song: “Treat you better”
Artist: Shawn Mendes
Song Writer: Shawn Mendes, SCott Harris and Teddy Geiger
Album: Illuminate
Singers: Shawn Mendes
Released: 2016
Genre: Pop


This song has ruled the world at it’s release time as it has a really unique concept apart from regular one.

The story line of this song conveys deep messages all the time. The mv starts with a boy who is trying to convince a girl who is in a toxic relationship. Her boyfriend is abusive and some kind of psycho but still she is continuing the relationship as she thinks that he is the one for her. She also knows that it is not good for her but everytime he apologizes and she forgives him without thinking twice. After all the sacrifices she only witnesses that her boyfriend cheated on her and is with someone else. After seeing all these things the boy who knows everything tries to convince her that he can treat her better and a girl like her deserves a gentleman.

It hits differently when you hear a line “better than he can”.

Kinjal Patel “Kiraa”

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