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My Son Terran – Chapter 21

Chapter 21

We were a little early for dinner. But I knew my parents would only be delighted to see us. I hadn’t seen mom since she scurried away from our house making the lame excuse of having sudden guests. Today sure was my postmortem day. Strangely though, for once I was not worried about mom cross questioning me. After spending two bone satisfying days with Hannah, I was feeling all good inside.

Terran was sure on cloud nine as ever. Thanks to Hannah, he was hail and hearty again.

It was nice to step inside the warmth of the house, after cutting through the frosty cold weather outside. Mom took Terran in a bear hug and I went over to dad, he was sitting in an armchair by the rustic fireplace.

My parents had a housekeeper to help, and they practically enjoyed a calm retired life. They used their free time more productively otherwise. They were volunteers at an NGO which worked for UNICEF. They gave their services there, as and when they could or as and when required.

It had been a while since our last visit and dad took us in his backyard. He proudly showed us around the new plants and the fruits that they bore. Terran was excited to see tiny broccolis and colourful bell peppers. “Paa, is it ‘eady to eat?” he asked dad.

“No son, there’s still time.”

When we went inside, Terran straight away rushed to Toby’s basket. I could see mom was hardly able to contain and was trying to distract herself with small talks. I knew she was dying to get the updates of our last two days with Hannah. It quite amused me to see mom trying her best to keep her doings in check. She well knew it couldn’t happen until dinner was over and dad would have to keep Terran busy.

Finally we sat down for dinner. It was a strict tradition at my parent’s house to say our grace before eating. We were yet to follow it so diligently at our place. Sometimes we did and sometimes we let it pass.

 I had a gut feeling mom will not wait until after dinner. Her curiosity got the better of her and by hook or by crook, she found a way of getting some information. She started digging into Terran.

“So my little angel, tell me. How were your two days when mama was not with you?”
“First I was sick, but when Ms. Hannah came, my days were awesome.”
He said cheerfully.
“Really?” Mom was stirred. Now she had to know more. There was no stopping.
“And how was that? What did you do together?”
“We made puzzles, she told me sto’ies, I also ‘ead a sto’y.”
He took a pause and was thinking.
“We saw cartoons and many things.”
“That’s amazing. What else?”
She kept probing for more. Terran looked at me, furrowed his eyebrows and added,
“She gave me a sponge bath and we made cookies…… And dad kissed her in the kitchen.”

He mentioned innocently dropping an explosive on my head. Sure kids don’t have a filter. Not in the slightest.

So much for being discreet!

I wasn’t looking up, nonetheless I could feel my parent’s gaze throwing daggers at me. I kept my eyes in my plate and caught myself blushing. Before I was dissected then and there, I had to change the line of talking. I glanced at Terran and mentioned,

“Tell mama and paa about BFG.” And there he went chatting again.

I was anyways planning to open my heart in front of mom today, but I didn’t need Terran’s blunt declaration for that. Thankfully, the rest of the dinner was finished without any further mishap.

Shamim Merchant

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