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You are beautiful

It’s been a long time since I have been in public. It seems like I have missed so many things from life.

I know I would have made a different choice and stayed locked up in my comfortable room but someday I have to face this situation anyways.

So I came to this place. At Least I have a few good memories with this place and I can recite some of them right away.

This garden is as it was before. Not bustling with crowds but still there are few people who come here to spend time with their loved ones.

It’s a sunny day and the sky is clear. Whenever someone passes by me I feel self-conscious as if I wanted to hide somewhere.

I was just staring towards an empty space and suddenly one little girl came to me and said looking at my hands, “Big sister, you are beautiful.”

Her sentence shocked me and I was looking at her in confusion. She answered my question as she showed me her hands with burn scar, “you are also a worrier like me.”

After hearing this I looked at her hands and realised that she is also a survivor of some kind of trauma.

After leaving the rehabilitation center, I met someone who told me that I am also beautiful. It feels really good. I held her hand in mine and said, “you are pretty darling.”

She smiled at me once again and went to play with her friends.

Today I understood that everyone has a warrior inside themselves. You just have to wake it up and fight with all your might.

Kinjal Patel “Kiraa”

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