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My Best ride.

“Dad, Dad! Today we are going to the amusement park again, right?” I asked excitedly. “Yes, my princess. Today I’ll come home early so be ready. We’ll be going to the amusement park and will have all the rides you want to have. ” After saying this he went. I always like rides so much. And that’s why every Saturday my daddy and I go to an amusement park and have a number of rides. After the conversation I was just waiting for night to come so that I can enjoy and have fun.

After a while I started getting ready to go to the amusement park. I dressed up really nicely as it was also one of my hobbies. Soon dad arrived. We went to the park. It was full of fun rides and screams of people enjoying the rides. Today I also went to every ride which included a break dance, big wheel ride, swings etc.. But I always can’t go on one ride. And that was “roller coaster”. I don’t know why but I am always too scared of that ride. Going up and then down just scares my heart. And that’s why I always skip that ride. I came back home and had a good sleep.

I also forgot to tell you that I have a hobby of writing stories and novels. Though I am 16, I still enjoy rides and still I go every Saturday to have fun.

(Months passed)

Today it’s my birthday and I am going to be 17. Today I published my debut book which has unique and short stories in it. I gave myself a book as a birthday gift. My parents also gave me some precious gifts.
Like this my days passed and I am completely enjoying my teen years sharing my experiences and stories with other people. One month has passed since my debut book. I got the news that my debut book sold 100K copies in the first month which was a record set by me. I got invited to many events where I motivate others by my short stories. I was so happy. I started earning money too. I was independent. My career was at its peak. I was having no worries for my future. I also started becoming famous nationwide. People started asking me when I was going to publish another new book. Listening to these questions I also thought of publishing a new book which was already ready. I just have to combine my stories.

Soon after a few days I published my new book. I can’t wait for another achievement and to hear many praises from people. Soon 1 day passed since I published my second book. I opened the newspaper thinking if my name would be in the newspaper. But what I saw was terrible and unexpected. The headlines said “Tina Patel released her new book which had several plagiarism issues. ” I was in tears. Everything that happened was just never expected and I was out of my mind. I completely broke down. The media and public even started suspecting if my debut book was also full of plagiarism. People started trolling me on social media asking me to reveal my truth. While in reality it’s not like that. I know I have to write my own stories. Something was wrong. But I did not know what to do for now.

I went to my daddy to have some strength. I asked him what to do now? He just asked me, “Want to go to an amusement park? ” I was completely shocked by this sentence. Instead of giving me a solution to this problem, he is asking me to have fun? But still I thought it was necessary to lift my mood up. So I went with him. I sat on every ride. But today it wasn’t fun anymore. Something was strange. I thought it’s just a ride and what’s so fun about it? It’s not exciting anymore. I asked dad to go from there as it was not fun. But dad asked me, “Want to try roller coasters? ” “Why is he asking me to have a rollercoaster ride? When he knows that I am scared to ride on it. “, I murmured in my head. ” Yes”, I replied. I also don’t know why I said yes at that time… I went on a roller coaster for the first time. It was about to start. I felt anxious and nervous. And soon it started. It was going up, so I felt happy, but then it suddenly went down too. I asked myself, “why does it have to go down? Then what is the point of reaching a peak? ” I was not just riding on it but also finding answers to my life. The roller coaster keeps going up and down many times. After sometime, when I was going down I didn’t feel bad, instead I thought that again it would go up and how nice it would feel? The ride completed. And I also got my answer. “To have too much sweetness at the peak, first we should taste the bitterness of the bottom. ” I thanked my dad and went to my house and started thinking, soon I am going up. It’s just for a short time. I slept thinking that.

Next morning I woke up. I thought of making all things clear and not to hide anymore. As always, as a habit I opened my newspaper, and I saw “Tina Patel was wrongly accused of plagiarism! An anonymous person came and apologized and said that he/she was trying to frame her bad reputation. ” I gave a sigh of relief. Soon everything was turning good.

At night I went to the amusement park again, sat on a roller coaster and it was “My best ride” of my life, because it taught me a life lesson.

“Never give up, Ups and down are part of our roller coaster life. You just have to wait for it to go up. “

Niti Sejpal.

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