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From ancient times , Indian homes have an age-old tradition of keeping earthen pots for drinking water . It had been followed by our ancestors for so long that now it has become a habit in our households to store drinking water in such earthen pots . These pots are called “Matka” or simply clay pots .

A Matka is a part of most desi kitchens used to store water for drinking and also for kitchen use sometimes . But actually there goes a lot of science behind storing water this way . This practice of drinking matka water is not only a substitute for steel and plastic containers, but also has its own set of health benefits. This is the reason why many households still swear by the clay pot, as it has many therapeutic benefits .

ALKALINE NATURE – Clay is alkaline in nature , thus it helps to neutralize the acidity of water and thus making it easier to digest . Also the human body is acidic in nature, while clay is alkaline. Water from these alkaline pots when consumed by you reacts with the acidic nature of our body and helps in creating a proper pH balance. This is the reason why drinking matka water helps in keeping acidity and stomach problems at bay.

CHEMICAL FREE – When we drink water stored in plastic bottles, it contains toxic chemicals like Bisphenol A or BPA, which harms the body in many ways. It is said to bring the testosterone levels down and is also known to be an endocrine disruptor. Whereas drinking water from clay pots is free from all such chemicals .

COOLING EFFECT – Matka water was the only chilled water back in those days when there were no refrigerators. These pots work on the principle of vaporization, which helps in cooling down the water. As the clay pot is porous, it gradually chills down the water which is a quality no other container has. While the fridge water is too chilled and water kept outside is too warm, matka provides the perfect drinking water in summers. With its perfect cooling effect, it is gentle on the throat and can be easily consumed by people suffering from cold and cough.

PREVENTION OF HEAT STROKE – Matka water safeguards you from those heat-related ailments in summers by drinking chilled pot water. Problems like sunstroke, diarrhea, dehydration etc, are very common in summers, but consuming the nutrient-rich clay pot water can help combat them to a great extent.

NATURAL FILTER – According to a study, water stored in a clay pot gets automatically filtered after 4 hours. So there’s no need for a RO-UV filter.

MINERALS – Clay is well stocked with minerals and electromagnetic energy of earth which heals our body and mind. When we store water in these pots it automatically adopts those properties. Thus, we can say that we are drinking this power packed liquid which is rich mineral water with healing properties.

Apart from earthen pots , this is now an increasing trend of using EARTHEN WATER BOTTLEs to get the same benefits as earthen pots .

-Correct way to use clay pots –
It is advisable to use HANDMADE clay pots . For using the first time , it is to be kept for a few hours after filling and then refilled . The water should be used after almost 4 hours after filling if not filtered or purified . It is important to remember and clean the pot every 2-3 days and restock fresh water.

So if you are currently not using a clay pot to store water, it is recommended to do so today!

-Chanchal Kriplani

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